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Growing marijuana is not difficult, although some forums give the false impression that it takes an agricultural university degree to just understand what is written.

Our resource is designed to describe simple and understandable methods of growing marijuana at home with minimal investment of time and money. Are you going to start growing for the first time in your life? Have you been growing marijuana for a long time and would like to learn something new? This site is for you!

You may be asking similar questions:

  1. How to grow marijuana at home?  We bring to your attention an indoor instruction .
  2. Where to get cannabis seeds?  Be sure to choose only the best genetics and, as you read the descriptions, try on the variety information for your growing conditions. Learn about cannabis strains for beginners here. The main color of cannabis inflorescences is green, but there are also purple or reddish tones, depending on the phenotype.
  3. How to increase the yield? Our resource offers some techniques that can be combined:
  • Supercropping is a simple technique for increasing the number of inflorescences.
  • A Simple Tutorial for Growing Compact and Wide Bushes
  • LST (Low Stress Training) is a simple training method that can almost double the yield.
  • Defoliation Technique – For Experienced Only

Other ways to increase your yield:

  • Boost lighting and add CO2
  • Set a more productive direction for growth
  • Fertilize correctly and in moderation
  • Regulate the growing environment
  • Harvest wisely (and not prematurely)
  • It is also important to keep in mind: first of all, the genetics of the variety affects the amount of the crop!

Two small, well-grown plants will produce up to 100 g of dry buds.

How not to get caught in the grove?  The basis of conspiracy: not to tell, not to smell, and not to sell. 99% of growers come across precisely because they tell or show someone the planting, or don’t care about hiding the scent. Sales will also sooner or later bring the grower into the hands of the authorities.

What if the plants get sick? Most often, problems arise due to deviations from the pH norm. In addition, hemp can be stressed due to a lack of minerals, high air temperatures, or too much light. Sometimes marijuana is attacked by parasites or fungal diseases. However, in the wild, hemp is a very hardy and adaptable plant – any problem can be corrected if the plants are inspected daily.

How Our Experts Address Cool Marijuana Grease Monkey Seeds

How Our Experts Address Cool Marijuana Grease Monkey Seeds

Grease Monkey feminized is a huge making, extremely potent strain that will lock you to the couch whenever. World class parents make her a THC abundant hybrid that boasts an unique pungent and sweet terp profile. Take care with this girl as she is exceptionally fragrant and will put your carbon filters to the test.…

Best canna butter recipe

The advantages of this recipe: Easy to carry out at home – you need an oven, stove, oil, saucepan and cheese cloth (gauze);THC and other cannabinoids are extracted into the oil without loss;A substantial part of unnecessary greens that spoil the taste will be filtered out. Butter or coconut oil? In the west, hemp extraction…
Autoflowering pruning: is it okay or not?

Autoflowering pruning: is it okay or not?

Many growers believe that pruning autoflowers will severely harm their crops, while others have successfully practiced this training method, reporting positive results. But the answer depends on the specific bush: a healthy and fast growing autoflowering plant can be pruned! For example, if by the end of the second week of life the bush managed to grow…
Magnesium deficiency in marijuana

Magnesium deficiency in marijuana

More mature foliage fade to a yellow or light green hue closer to the edges of the leaf and on the veins. If the color of the bush resembles a photo, your plant is experiencing a magnesium deficiency. This problem should be resolved immediately, otherwise the painful process may go too far at a certain stage, and…