About us

We will tell you about the culture of using marijuana. We will discuss the state policy regarding medical marijuana. It will be interesting and varied.

As you know, the therapeutic use of the plant is becoming more and more widespread. It’s hard to argue that home grow is the safest and most regular source of inexpensive flowers. What’s more, growing marijuana for personal use often puts too many buds at your disposal.

Although the legalization of cannabis is sweeping the planet, there are not many easy-to-read materials for beginners on the web. Therefore, our site claims to be an easy-to-read resource describing your actions and the necessary materials from starting a grow to harvesting, so that those who wish can grow inflorescences in any suitable conditions – even in a shoe niche or a case from a system unit.

The editors of the site are interested in feedback on your personal experience – whether you are a professional grower or growing your first bush. For any suggestions, comments or questions, please contact us directly!