Nevada legalized the free sale of recreational cannabis

On July 1 of this year, official points of sale for recreational cannabis were opened in the state of Nevada. This state became the fifth in a row to legalize the use of cannabis for complete relaxation and rest in November last year.

According to the agency’s information, residents of Nevada with a valid ID and over twenty-one are free to buy up to twenty-eight grams of cannabis. The narcotic herb purchased for “entertainment” purposes can be used exclusively on the territory of one’s house or apartment, since smoking it in other places is strictly prohibited.

The state authorities expect tourists to become the main buyers of the intoxicating herb (2/3 of sales). Today, hemp can be bought for pleasure in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska. At the same time, for the treatment of diseases, cannabis is sold in 19 states, including the capital. The list of diseases requiring its admission includes cancer, AIDS, increased intraocular pressure and others. However, the list of diseases is different everywhere.

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