Cannabis for the first time: The first cannabis cigarette

In recent times in the mass consciousness, the perception of cannabis has changed significantly. People are starting to understand its benefits more and more. The wave of legalization is gradually gaining momentum.

Anyone who wants to try cannabis for treatment or entertainment should be in good physical and moral condition. After all, n akurka affects the body and mind, and each consumer reacts differently.

What Happens When Introducing Marijuana?

Cannabis contains compounds THC and CBD , which affect the nervous system and feelings of a person.

THC is euphoric, while CBD is more of a relaxing and sedative. 

Not all consumers experience the same experience, even if they consume the same strain in the same amounts.

This is due to various factors, including the level of cannabis tolerance, metabolic rate, etc. The percentage of CBD and THC in a particular strain also plays an important role in perception.

Below are some of the consequences after the first cannabis use:

  • No reaction is unusual, but not uncommon. Perhaps you have not smoked for a long time or you have a high degree of THC tolerance, and the dose was insufficient. Whoever uses cannabis orally will feel the effect much later.

Feel the arrival, but do not “get off the ground”. Many people who try cannabis for the first time feel high and don’t lose their minds. After a while, the mood rises, combined with inexplicable joy, the need to talk and laughter. Sometimes energetic

  • Craving for work – “the worker attacked.” Often there is a desire to have a snack – “hit the havchik”
  • A strong high, like climbing a steep peak or riding a roller coaster – this happens when you have used too much cannabis; more than the body can handle the first time. This can happen when you try too much of the heavy THC strain. The buzz is accompanied by a feeling of anxiety and paranoia – “sat down for treason.” Sometimes there is stupor, amazement and anxiety – “stoned in the smoke.” Often “nailed” to the sofa. Anyway, congratulations, man, this is your first overdose.
  • The sense of time disappears . After it kicks in for the first time, it’s better to watch TV / computer or play games – it will help you forget about time.
  • Attacks of candor. After the first cutting, some people have a need to open their souls to someone. You feel something similar when you get drunk. I would like to share such thoughts, which in a normal state do not even want to mention – “understand, dude, – it hurts.”

How to deal with the first experience of smoking marijuana?

To make your first encounter with cannabis a hassle-free experience, follow these tips:

  • The correct strain. Choosing the right strain is especially important when trying for the first time. It is difficult to say which variety will be ideal for you. You can consult with a cannashop seller or ask a friend who has smoked pot for many years. For the first try, a low-THC strain or a hybrid is best.
  • The correct method. In addition to the correct variety, the correct method of consumption must be chosen. When smoking or vaping, the effect will appear faster, and if taken orally, more slowly. Just in case, you can start with cannabis tinctures. Microdosing is the best way to determine your comfort and tolerance.
  • Don’t be alone. Despite good intentions, sometimes you can’t avoid getting too high. Therefore, it is better to smoke for the first time in the company of friends or experienced herb smokers.
  • Try it indoors. Although some strains can be smoked outdoors, the first experience is much better indoors. So it will be easier to control the undesirable development of events if it suddenly kicks in. The main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, read the article on what you need to know about a hemp hangover .

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