Autoflowering pruning: is it okay or not?

Many growers believe that pruning autoflowers will severely harm their crops, while others have successfully practiced this training method, reporting positive results. But the answer depends on the specific bush: a healthy and fast growing autoflowering plant can be pruned! For example, if by the end of the second week of life the bush managed to grow 4-5 pairs of true leaves. If your autoflower grows more slowly, it may not have enough time to recover from the stress of pruning.

Why is autoflowering pruning not always appropriate?

Pruning autoflowering cannabis plants is not always a good idea. All because of the short duration of his life. Most autos bloom already at 3-4 weeks and from that moment the formation of new leaves or shoots stops. Just 6-7 weeks after germination, the autoflowering shrub usually stops growing and stays the same size until harvested.

Thus, pruning a young plant, after which it will recover for about 2 weeks, implies the following: it only has 4 weeks to develop. A four-week-old plant is significantly inferior to a six-week-old plant in size, and therefore the yield will be less. This is why most growers do not prune their autoflowers at all.
Also, if this is your first time grower, pruning autoflowering cannabis is undesirable: it is an additional stress factor, i.e. with pruning, you are more likely to cause disease or developmental abnormalities in your plants. Some bushes stop growing altogether, and bloom with a single tiny cone at the top.

Slow veg growth for an autoflowering plant means it stays short. It is often more profitable and more correct not to train an autoflower at all, so as not to hinder its growth – then, with proper care, it can show its potential. 

Now that we’ve warned you, it’s worth taking a look at the benefits of cannabis pruning. On a healthy, thriving plant, the method sometimes gives excellent results and a much more productive structure. Therefore, the question of the appropriateness of pruning on autoflowering varieties should be decided individually, assessing the development of your plants.

When pruning is not recommended:

  • in your first grove;
  • if the bush lacks some minerals;
  • if the foliage has sagged a little;
  • with a slightly slower growth;
  • on bushes older than 3-4 weeks (or flowering);
  • if by the end of 2 weeks there are not at least 4 nodes (4 pairs of leaves).

Signs that the pruning will take root:

  • green and vigorous plant
  • new leaves appear every day
  • by the end of 2 weeks there are already 4-5 knots


Pruning autoflowering can both benefit and harm your plants. Make your decision based on how experienced you are at growing and how actively your cannabis is growing. Quite frankly, most budding growers make mistakes and end up with plants that don’t grow and yield 2-3 grams of flowers. If you are in doubt about whether to cut, it is better to resort to LST – just bend your plants so that they do not grow up, but in breadth.

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