Best canna butter recipe

The advantages of this recipe: Easy to carry out at home – you need an oven, stove, oil, saucepan and cheese cloth (gauze); THC and other cannabinoids are extracted into the oil without loss; A substantial part of unnecessary greens that spoil the taste will be filtered out. Butter or coconut oil? In the west, … [Read more…]

Autoflowering pruning: is it okay or not?

Many growers believe that pruning autoflowers will severely harm their crops, while others have successfully practiced this training method, reporting positive results. But the answer depends on the specific bush: a healthy and fast growing autoflowering plant can be pruned! For example, if by the end of the second week of life the bush managed to grow … [Read more…]

Cannabis for the first time: The first cannabis cigarette

In recent times in the mass consciousness, the perception of cannabis has changed significantly. People are starting to understand its benefits more and more. The wave of legalization is gradually gaining momentum. Anyone who wants to try cannabis for treatment or entertainment should be in good physical and moral condition. After all, n akurka affects the body and mind, … [Read more…]

Cannabis in the workplace

In nearly 75 percent of the US, cannabis is legalized to one degree or another. Hence the question: how are employers reacting to rapidly changing laws in their regions? As of November 3, 2020, election day, a total of 36 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have approved medical cannabis … [Read more…]